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By the means of the following query options four different office manuscripts can be searched from various aspects. The codices have been inventorised according to the standards of the CANTUS files (cao).

Cod. 1791: antiphonary (square notation) from the Charterhouse of Königsfeld, Brno (Královo Pole), around 1375.

Cod. 1799**: antiphonary (Cistercian notation) from the Cistercian monastery Rein, ca 1240.

Cod. 1890: Hirsau breviary (adiastematic neumes) from the Benedictine monastery St. Georgenberg (Fiecht, North-Tyrol), around 1200.

Mus.Hs. 15489: antiphonary (gothic notation) from the Premonstratensian monastery Alten­berg an der Lahn, last quarter of the 13. cent.

For the two manuscripts with staff notation, music incipits in the length of the text incipits are additionally indicated. Thus, besides key words (such as chant text, feast, or genre), mode and cao-number, a search for melodies is possible as well (also in combination). A click on the folio-link opens the relevant image of this side.

Cod. 1791 has been inventorised by students in the course of a seminar held at the Institute of Musicology of the University of Vienna during the winter term 2010/11. Vera Charvat and Robert Klugseder revised the data and prepared them for publication.

Cod. 1799** has been edited some time ago by Elizabeth Sander. Mirjam Kluger has entered the music incipits for this manuscript.

Cod. 1890 has been inventorised by Robert Klugseder in the framework of his dissertation.

Mus.Hs. 15489 has been inventorised by Vera Charvat in the framework of her Diplomarbeit.