In parallel to the study of the complete manuscripts, the Austrian National Library’s (ÖNB) col­lection of fragments of medieval music manuscripts have been indexed and described; apart from a few sources, these were hitherto completely unknown. To date, short descriptions and chant inventories of around 675 fascicle of fragments have been provided. A database with basic information and images of all the fragments can be accessed and searched here online. A selection of exceptional fragments was published in hard copy in 2011, as Supplement 5 Ausgewählte Musikfragmente der Öster­reichi­schen Nationalbibliothek Wien (Selected music fragments of the Austrian National Library Vienna) in the journal series Codices manuscripti. Another Supplement of these series (No. 7), published in 2012, deals with the medieval music- and liturgy history of the Mondsee monastery and document a large number of Mondsee fragments.
Robert Klugseder researched, digitised and documented the collection of fragments in a data­base, as well as basic information on them. Ana Čizmić and students of the University of Vienna’s Institute of Musicology have been given the task of creating an inventory of these items. As part of classes run alongside this project, Klugseder trained student assistants and prepared them for working with medieval sources.