A-Wda C 8

Varia Liturgica, Vienna or Lower Austria about 1430, pap. 295x220, 89 fol., GN. Invitatory psalms (1-10r), Liber generationis Jesu (10v-12r), Exsultet (12r-14v), In hujus igitur noctis (14v-16r), Lamentationes Jeremiae (16r-22v), Passio secundum Mathaeum (22v-36v), Passio secundum Marcum (36v-47v), Passio secundum Lucam (47v-59v), Passio secundum Johannem (59v-69v), Praefationes (69v-83v), Pater noster (83v-84v), Ordinarium Missae-Intonatorium with tropes (85r-87v), Psalm and Cantica melodies with differentia (87r-89r). [Library of Kirnberg, see LACKNER 2000.]

A-Wda C 10

Antiphoner, Passau, Dechantei Kirnberg an der Mank, about 1517, pap. 305x215, 266 fol., GN. Nocturnale, Laudes pars aestivalis: Temporale 1 TP (1-27), Sanctorale 1 TP (27-32), Commune sanctorum 1 TP (32-33), Sanctorale 2 TP (33-36), Temporale 2 (37-95), Sanctorale 3 (96-165), Sanctorale 4 TP (166-195), Commune sanctorum 2 (196-215), Addenda (223-265). [Library of Kirnberg, see LACKNER 2000.] CANTUS inventory

A-Wda C 11

Antiphonar, Passau, Dechantei Kirnberg an der Mank um 1517, pap. 305x220, 214 fol., GN. Nocturnale, Laudes Winterteil: Temporale (1-133), Sanctorale (134-189), Commune san­ctorum (190-213). [Bibliothek Kirnberg, see LACKNER 2000.] CANTUS inventory

A-Wda D 4

Antiphoner, Passau, Dechantei Kirnberg an der Mank, about 1517, pap. 320x215, 326 fol., GN. Vesperale, for higher feasts also nocturnes and lauds: Temporale (3-106), Sanctorale (143-296), Commune sanctorum (305-315), Addenda (316-325). [Library of Kirnberg, see LACKNER 2000.] CANTUS inventory

A-Wda Cod. 1

Breviary, St. Magdalena Vienna (CanAissen) about 1240-50, parch. 225x160, 159 fol., NN. Temporale and Sanctorale pars aestivalis (from Pentecost, 1r-73r), Commune Sanctorum (73r-87v), Summer historiae (88r-123v), Dom. p. Pent. (124r-136v), SO i.a. for Mariae Magdalenae (21r-24r) and Augustini (137r-139v), Addenda: Tempus per annum and Suffragia with German rubrics (143r-146v), Hymnal (147r-156v) with two chants for Mariae Magdalenae and one for Augustine, chants for Francisci and Antonii (156v, 14th or 15th cent.), Lectures for Joannis Bapt. (157r-159v). [See LACKNER 2000.]

A-Wda Cod. 3

Gradual, Salzburg? 3rd quarter of the 15th cent., pap. 295x217, I+199+I* fol., GN. Temporale (2r-72v), Sanctorale (74r-95v), Commune Sanctorum (96r-116), Ordniarium Missae with tropes (116-134v), Missa BMV with Off.-trope (135r-138r), Sequenciary (139r-198v). [See LACKNER 2000.]

A-Wda Cod. 4 - Fragment VieD

2 leaves (VD+HD) with polyphonic chants for Corpus Christi, St. Stephan Vienna, middle of the 15te cent., pap. 300x210, MN. 1. Sq. Lauda Sion, 2. unknwon, 3. Hy. Pange linga, 4. R. Homo quidam (vgl. WRIGHT, Peter: Polyphony for Corpus Christi in an Unknown Fragmentary Source from Mid-Fifteenth-Century Central Europe: An Interim Report, in: BLOXHAM, M. Jennifer e.a. (ed.): Uno gentile et subtile ingenio. Studies in Renaissance Music in Honour of Bonnie J. Blackburn, Turnhout 2009, 271-282). On the VD is a fragment of a gradual with chants for Dom. in Albis (Lorain Staff notation, beginning of the 14th cent.). [See LACKNER 2000.]

The images are published with permission of the Diocesan Archive Vienna.