Gregorian Chant Bibliography (BzG-PMM) (beta version)

It has been compiled by Günther Michael Paucker from the annual bibliographies published in Plainsong and Medieval Music (vols. 1-5 by Peter Jeffery, vol. 6 onward by Günther Michael Paucker), together with the two volumes published in the Beiträge zur Gregorianik, vols. 9-10 (1990) and 15-16 (1993) (by Thomas Kohlhase and Günther Michael Paucker).

The conversion of the data into the new form and the creation of the search facilities was accomplished by Robert Klugseder with the support of Vera Charvat, Philipp Prückl and Milena Wuketich (supported by the Austrian Academy of Science and the University of Regensburg).

The bibliography includes about 15.000 entries and further 28.000 different keywords in the index. The database can be searched for name, title, topic, keywords of publication and RISM shelf marks. It retains the numbering system of the PMM bibliographies, facilitating, for example, the connecting of reviews to the publication under review (for further information see Nota bene)

The present version represents "work in progress" and will be regularly corrected and supplemented. Corrections will be received gratefully at neubau[at]

As each new Liturgical Chant Bibliography appears in Plainsong and Medieval Music it will also be added on line. As for the printed Liturgical Chant Bibliography, additions should be sent to Günther Michael Paucker at dr.g.paucker[at]

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Nota bene

Numbering system for references to Beiträge zur Gregorianik and Plainsong and Medieval Music:
Entries in PMM: numbers without prefix. In four-figure numbers the first figure refers to the volume of PMM, in five-figure numbers the first two figures refer to the volume of PMM.
Entries in BzG 9/10: b in front of the number (nothing after the  number).
Entries in BzG 15/16: b in front of the number and a letter after the number.

The type of literature is indicated for each entry as follows:
All = allgemeine Literatur, general literature
EdFac = editions, facsimiles
BoRep = books, reprints
Coll = collections of articles
Per = periodica
Spec = special literature
Con = congress reports
Jour = chant journals
Dig = digital, with internet access
For technical reasons, the amalgamation of the previous Chant Bibliography with the new one was not possible. Because the old bibliography contains items not in the new one, it remains accessible for the time being.