Cantus Planus Austria

Signatur | Shelfmark cod03917 Codsignatur Codextradens
Provenienz | Provenance [Salisb.] Hss.-Katalog
Bearbeiter | Editor RK Abbildungen | Images cod03917 Gesangsinventar | Chant inventory
Genre Chorbuch Zeit | Time 15 Notation MN
Umfang | Quantity 1 Fragment-Größe HxB
size,c: cut
Spalten - columns 1
Buchschmuck | Book illumination
Inhalt | Content "The fragment contains the entire cantus line of “Or sus vous dormez trop” and the tenor for the entire A-part. While the cantus features a number of variations when compared with the PMFC edition (PMFC XXI, p. 112-116), the tenor is almost identical."
Kommentar | Comment Beschreibung von Marc Lewon, Kooperationsprojekt "Musikleben in Österreich": LINK
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