Music Manuscripts in Austrian Libraries
Database with information about liturgical manuscripts in Austrian libraries
Cantus Netzwork – a semantically enriched digital edition of Libri ordinarii of the Salzburg metropolitan province (digital humanities project OeAW)
St. Florian, Augustinian monastery:
Liturgical manuscripts and fragments of choir books
Gradual, Melk Stiftsbibliothek 109 (David Hiley)
Vorau, Augustinian monastery:
Music manuscritps of the monastery library (Franz Praßl)
Diocesan Archives Vienna:
Medieval musical manuscripts (download time ~60 sek.)
Bregenz: Vorarlberg Museum und monastery library Wettingen-Mehrerau: Two graduals from Kreuzlingen (CanA) and a Cistercian antiphonary
Sequences in the liturgy of Austrian Augustinian Canons
(PhD diss. Psallat ecclesia mater, Franz Karl Praßl)
Sequences in the liturgy of Austrian Benedictine monks
(PhD diss. Györgyi Táborszky)
Concert "Medieval chant from Vienna and Austria", Choralschola of the Institute of Musicology of the Vienna University
"Admonter Passionsspiel" - Lecture and video
(Grazer Choralschola und Franz Praßl)
Gradual synopsis (Rudolf Flotzinger):
Chants of 15 Central European graduals
Oberösterreichische Landesbibliothek Linz Fragmente 529.
Parts of a former choir book  with polyphonic music (court chapel of emperor Maximilian, c. 1500)
Zwettl, Cistercian monastery:
Fragments of a choir book (c. 1450)